2017 October – November

The club resumed its activity in September 2017. The classes are conducted in English. The erollment is open for beginners as well as intermediate level.  We invite English speaking people and Poles who want to improve their language.

31.05.2014  Sparings “First Step”

First fight of Bartek with three opponents, kickboxers from club Cracow. Bartek did very well, which was undoubtedly due to his hard work, a serious approach to training and regular participation in the classes.

Muay Thai League 2013

In today’s league, Krzysiek fought, it was not planned before, but someone drop off and Krzysiek replaced him. It was his debut, very successful, finished the fight in the second round of KO, by kicking his head. Over a dozen clubs from all over Poland took part in the competitions organized by the club. The games were high, mostly Muay Thai , several K1.

Hell Camp Como3Gym Czech Republic 11-17.08.2012

Hell Kemp is behind us. It was hard but fun. 7 days of strength training in Combat Garda. Daily sparring with the Czech professional team Como 3 Gym. But not only the workouts, we added beautiful sunny weather, were bathing in a nearby lake, a trip to the castle Buchlov Buchlov. Clean air, in fairly high mountains in the middle of the forest 5 km from the nearest town. Excellent preparation for the season.

Summer Fight 29.04-09.06.2012 Cracow

After the 4th edition of the Thai Boxing League Summer Fight. Our club is ranked 2nd in the ranking of the best clubs. The club’s high position is due to our players Patryk and Robert. Patryk won all the battles that he battled in the Summer Fight, and fought with the fighters of Garuda Warsaw, Mejiro Gym Katowice, Palestra Warsaw. Robert has fought four fights, of which he deserves a special prize for a victory by RSC that he won by effective  knee blow and good boxing with 13 kg heavier opponent.

2014 – 2017  Club was suspended

While the Coach was staying stay in London, so the club’s activity was suspended. It was time for our trainig in London clubs such as Rukthai, KO Gym, Singdayt London and also in Poland on the Muay Thai camp with Thai coaches

30.01.2014 Battle of Futurum

At a professional gala held on January 30, 2014 in Ostrava, Czech Republic Patryk fought his third professional fight muaythai. He did not give a chance to the opponent, after Partyk hits him few times his  corner thew a towel to give hip  up. It was the rematch, their first fight was held in 2011 it was the first professional fight of 17-years old Patryk at this time.

Combat Warriors  The First Edition  21.10.2012

The First Edition: Robert – draw after a fierce battle. Patryk – definitely the best fight of the competition, the opponent was an experienced fighterof the club K.S Ronin.  The verdict of the judges was a draw.. During the competition Piotrek, Krzysiek, Bartek – performed an impressive Muay Thai show.

The Second Edition:  Robert – the tough fight, he very nearly might have won. Patryk – fought two spectacular matches, the first with the Champion of Silesia K1 and Muay Thai. Second with a very experienced and titled player (A trainer and Muay Thai Champion of Poland).In this case a draw was  a very good result.

We have finished the competition with three draws, but without defeat 🙂

A Charity Gala of Combat Sports 30.06.2012 Kraków

Very good fight by Robert. In all 3 rounds he clearly dominated the opponent, it was near KO, in the 2nd round after the blow the opponent fell, was counted, but the fight was resumed. Of course, Robert’s victory. Patryk competed with the player of Puncher Wroclaw in pro-am formula. His spectacular kicks led too high, fluttered over his opponent’s head, but a very powerful effect was made by strong straight blows, many of which hit the target. He also hit the elbow several times, but in the pads more difficult to effect the impact. It was a good, effective fight, at a high technical level. Finished with a draw.

Silesia Muay Thai Championschip  31.03.2012 Knurów

The competition took place in Knurów. Our club was involved in the preparation of this event as a member of Muay Thai  Federation. This was a very big organizational challenge: 52 battles a day. Our players did not start but helped with the service, thanks to Patrick and Jakub, who made a 12-hour marathon for the medal.